Elevated For the Soul

Elevated Cacao grew from a love for raw, vegan chocolate—and how it makes us feel.

When produced and consumed responsibly, chocolate has the power to lift people up, to give them a sense of joy, a feeling of elation. It is a food whose sole purpose is to make people smile. 

That is the heart of our business. 

Our values reflect a sincere love and appreciation for the power of plants, in their purest form, to fuel and heal the mind, body, soul, and planet. We believe in sourcing our ingredients as locally and ethically as possible. 

A deep sense of love and gratitude for Bali means we work tirelessly to ethically source the majority of our ingredients from right here on the island.

We take the time to know each of our farmers personally, visiting their homes and getting to know their families. The Balinese agricultural community has been hit hard by a lack of infrastructure, training, and misinformation about the quality of Balinese produce. 

We lend our time, services, and voice to grassroots organizations that work across the island to raise the quality, availability, and profile of Balinese produce.

The decision to add superfoods to our products means that some of our ingredients must travel very far to find their way to our chocolate. We work diligently to reduce the harms of that travel—using ethical sources and buying in bulk—whenever possible. 

Knowing who we are and what we believe in has enabled us to create a company we’re proud to stand behind and work for. It also means our chocolate is good too. Really good.  

the Founders

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Amanda and Paul met in 2015 during a Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali. A mutual love of yoga, Bali, and raw, vegan chocolate laid the foundations for a lasting friendship and business partnership. Already an experienced raw chocolatier, Paul convinced Amanda to throw in her corporate life and learn the secrets of raw chocolate making; less than one year later, Elevated Cacao was born. 

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Redefining Raw


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The Farmers