Raw ingredients—particularly, raw cacao— are the foundation of our mission to build ethically sourced and high quality raw, vegan chocolate. This passion has driven us to travel across the island of Bali, build relationships with farmers, and understand what it means to grow and process truly raw ingredients. Together, we work with farmers to educate, innovate, and create ingredients that are as raw and ethically sourced as possible. 

We acknowledge that it is impossible for some ingredients to be raw, by the standard definition. Cacao butter cannot be extracted without the exertion of high degrees of pressure and heat. Coconut sugar, made from the nectar of coconut blossoms, must be boiled for many days in order to yield a solid sugar. Cacao cannot be roasted. 

Our definition of raw cacao requires that our cacao beans are only fermented, not roasted, and consistently processed under temperatures of 45C during all phases of production. We insist the farmers who process our cacao do so in small batches, turning the beans frequently during fermentation and drying, while closely monitoring temperatures. 

Every batch of cacao we receive is rigorously examined, smelled, and tasted to ensure the cacao is raw, and of the highest quality. 

Once these ingredients reach us, we take great care to process all ingredients—raw and otherwise—as little as possible and always under 42C. 

This due-diligence and transparency is what redefines raw.  

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