The cornerstone of Elevated Cacao is the farmers we work with. Bali is one of the most abundant places on Earth – ripe with coconuts and cacao pods as far as the eye can see—but they do not harvest themselves. We rely on the expertise, hard work, and care of the families that have farmed these lands and products for centuries—long before we arrived. 

Farming is not an easy job, especially in Bali. The climate can be harsh and unforgiving—intense heat year-round is accompanied by intermittent periods of drought and heavy rains. Tools and machinery are often rudimentary or non-existent, meaning the body often bears the brunt of the labor. 

Wayan   EC Coconut Sugar Farmer, Klungkung


EC Coconut Sugar Farmer, Klungkung

I Wayan Rata   EC Cacao Farmer, Jembrana

I Wayan Rata

EC Cacao Farmer, Jembrana


We sincerely want to acknowledge and honor this expertise and work—which is why we work directly with the farmers themselves. We do not rely on brokers, middlemen, or distributors to get our ingredients to us. 

As a company, we know that we have chosen to elevate each of our chocolates with a unique superfood—some of which are not available here in Bali. These ingredients account for less than 10% of the composition of the chocolate we make. 

Whenever possible, we put the money directly in the hands of the people doing the work—the people who have earned it—the farmers. 


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