Tahini Lemon Sticks

Tahini Lemon Sticks

Following on from our last recipe, here’s a classic flavour combination in a lovely soft centre. Tahini in chocolate is yummy and complimented with lemon means you’re onto a winner! We have garnished these little beauties with Lemon Citrus Sugar for an extra sweet kick and citrus burst. Totally mouth-watering and a real treat. It’s hard to eat just one! 


  • 80g Melted Cacao Butter

  • 60g Melted Coconut Oil

  • 80g Tahini (as smooth as possible and mixed well before weighing so oil and solid is well incorporated)

  • 20g Lucuma Powder

  • 20g Vegan Protein Powder (you can use whichever brand you like)

  • 60g Maple Syrup

  • 40g Coconut Sugar

  • 8 Drops Lemon Essential Oil

  • 1 tbsp Fresh Lemon Zest (finely grated)

  • ½ tsp Vanilla Powder

  • 5 drops Vanilla Medicine Flower Extract

  • 1 Pinch Pink Salt

  • 40g Warm Water (you can use more, if required)

Lemon Citrus Sugar

  • 25g Lemon Zest (Approximately 6-8 pieces of citrus fruit depending on size)

  • 100g Solid Sugar of choice: Coconut / Xylitol / Maple

  • 10 -20 Drops Lemon Essential Oil

  • 1 Pinch Pink Salt 


  1. Place all ingredients (except water) in a Vitamix and blend on low speed to combine. Note: Put the tahini in last so it sits on the top of the mixture to help the blender do its job.

  2. With the blender on low, slowly add the warm water until the mixture is smooth and caramel-like.

  3. Line your desired tin / container with glad wrap. The size of the container will depend on the size you would like to cut your sticks into. So, if you would like to make sticks, like we did, use something rectangular in shape.

  4. Put in the fridge and allow to set for 3-5 hours.

  5. Remove the mixture from the tin / container and remove the glad wrap.

  6. Cut the mixture into sticks (or the desired shape you would like). Note: Depending on the shape of your container you may need to cut off the rounded edges to obtain a neat stick cut.

  7. Dip in tempered chocolate and garnish with our Lemon Citrus Sugar.

Citrus Sugar

  1. Using a Microplane (or box grater), grate 25g of your chosen citrus rind. Do not grate to the white part of the fruit. This part is bitter and not suitable for this recipe.

  2. Place all ingredients in a bowl and combine very well.

  3. Spread mixture onto a Teflex Sheet & Dehydrator Tray making sure to keep the mixture connected.

  4. Dehydrate at 42 degrees (108f) for 12 – 24hrs or until completely dry. Move the sugar half way through to help the drying process.

  5. Break into clusters or zap in a high-speed blender to return to a sugar-like state and store in an air tight glass jar for up to 12 months.