One Year Anniversary!

One Year Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe, but not so long ago, we surpassed a milestone we’re very proud of: we celebrated being in business for one year. This feels like a crazy proposition because the last year of our lives seemed to go by in the blink of an eye, and at the pace of a snail all at once. That’s possible right?

It has been the most exciting, rewarding, educational, challenging, and humbling year of short little existence here on Plant Earth. I thought I’d take a moment to share just a few of the things we’ve learned over the last year.

  1.  Just relax – you’re not in control. There’s nothing like owning a business to give you a real sense of empowerment, while at the same time reminding you that at the end of the day, you control very little – especially in Bali. This concept has been reiterated to us too many times to count, but it has been such a valuable one. Paul and I both come from professions where we “felt” like outcomes were always completely within our control. That’s not the case here; here, we work hard, do our best, and turn the rest over to fate.

  2. Patience is a virtue. We’re not in New York or London anymore folks. Unless you’re ordering Gojek, there’s no such thing as same-day delivery, one day turn around, or expedited service. So, plan ahead, expect everything to take twice as long as you’ve been quoted, and enjoy the quiet time. Some of our waiting has yielded much needed rest, and in some cases, some of our best ideas.

  3. Pause, and honor accomplishments. This last year we have both been grinding away like maniacs. Getting up every day and push, push, pushing the business and ourselves further than we thought was possible. Not only can this be exhausting, but it can result in a situation where you never hit pause and go, “Wow, look at what we’ve accomplished.” We’ve started building in moments, no matter how big or small, where we sit with one another and say, here’s something we’ve done and it’s pretty amazing. Everyone (even us) deserves a small pat on the back once a while.

 We’re both really excited to see what this next year cooks up for us. We’ve got some pretty cool things in the works – including new products, places, trainings, and much, much more. Thanks for taking the journey with us, we honestly couldn’t do it without you. xx